Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Leader Leads, Gujarat Prides !!

Way to go GUJARAT !!!!!!!!!!

Sabarmati River Front .... !

Just look at this. Amazing. No wonder Modi so popular !!

For those who want to enjoy water-sports, adventure and leisurely walks in
the evening, here is some good news. The Honourable Chief Minister of
Gujarat, Mr. Narendra Modi has inaugurated water-sports activities and a
walkway on the Sabarmati River in Ahmedabad.

The water sports and walk way are set up as a part of the "Sabarmati Riverfront Project". The walkway at the riverfront was thrown open to the
public by Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi on August 15, 2012.

This beautifully designed walkway is 7 km long on the western side of the
river and 6 km long on the eastern side of the river.

Even though the location of this wonderful project is Ahmedabad, the
walkway is dedicated to the whole of India, as it is the first such project initiated in entire India. The BJP Govt. in Goa has also declared the same kind of project on Mandovi River, Panjim in the near future.

If it really happens in Goa, people from Goa will be the second luckiest
citizens in India who will enjoy the pleasure of a beautiful and huge walkway on the scenic, crystalline and ever-flowing Mandovi river....Let's
keep the fingers crossed and hope for the best....!!!!
Enjoy the eye-pleasing snaps of this prestigious project at Ahmedabad.

This grand and successful beautification in our own land called Gujarat,
proves that there is no poverty in our country. The root cause is the
Ruler's poor mentality...!!!
Even as the World needs lakhs of quality teachers, Gujarat has initiated
several action plans to fulfill the requirement.
The 21st Century is dubbed as the 'Century of Knowledge' and only India
could lead the World in teaching as a duty to the society, character
building and how to respect parents, guru and others.
India has a rich culture and has been blessed with such illustrious

teachers like Chanakya.
If we have to make the 21st Century a 'Century of India', we have to take
a lead in providing gurus to the world, make India the 'Vishwa Guru'.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

India & Figth against Terrorism !!

India as we know, has perennially been a weakforce against any terrorist activities. Time and again my stand is confirmed by incidents like the Mumbai Attacks. The Mumbai Attack opened up the eyes of India & World as the capacity & the audacity with which these terroists can strike.
The Media's overtime work after the attacks, led to Government finally woken up, threatning a strong action against Pakistan, talks of implementation of Federal Agency, CCTV cameras at various places, strong securities at various government bhavans.

The harsh reality is different. As I was in Delhi, I decided to go into Kerala House or Kerala Bhavan (As they are known, every state has its bhavan in Delhi, as official government place).
To my certain disbelief, they was no security to be found on gate. I just walked in without any checks, or rather without even any question. Who I was? What business I had in Kerala House? I walked in, had lunch and walked out. Its that simple. A terrorist can easily walk into an official government place like Kerala House, he can plant n number of bombs he if wants to OR he can easily go inside the building, he can take ppl and officials as hostage................ Kerala House is just one place. There must be some 20 odd official State Houses in Delhi. I guess the situation there must be same.

When will India wake up?? Only God Knows??